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Safety Shoes Manufacturer

Have you ever thought about safety shoes? These shoes are generally used at the workplace. They are tough footwear, which protect the feet of those working in industrial places from dangers for instance falling of heavy objects, or some nasty chemical. The safety shoes are like personal protective equipments that are used at several industrial and building construction work places. That is where Minzo comes in. Minzo can be your one stop solution for all the safety issues your feet face at your workplace.
Minzo India is one of the renowned safety shoes manufacturers in India. We offer international level safety shoes at some very reasonably priced cost. As one of the prominent exporters in India for safety shoes, we work according to international quality standards. We create safety shoes because we understand the significance of safety and protection of the people who work in dangerous conditions of industrial occupations. We design and manufacture the top quality safety shoes in order to make it safer for those who work in industries with highly risky elements and processes.

Benefits of Safety Shoes

1. Keep you safe from heavy objects falling

In an industry, when a worker is carrying heavy elements, there are chances that it may slip through his or her hands. Carrying heavy objects between where people are working, machines are operating and so on, it can be a very risky situation, and safety shoes protect your feet from crushing under any heavy stuff.

2. Protect from sharp objects

You might step on something sharp by mistake for example at construction site, you might put your foot on a sharp rock by mistake. Safety shoes built with thick material will protect your feet against any such possibility.

3. Helps in averting slips and falls

While working in a factory or construction site or any other industry area, a worker might fall on a slippery surface or trip over something. It is a common occurrence for workers, and it also result in many accidents every year. A correct pair of safety shoes can protect them from falls or trips or any such nasty incident to a greater extent.

We offer two main categories in Safety shoes:

  • Security Guard Shoes Manufacturer
  • Industrial safety shoes

Security Guard Shoes Manufacturer

Minzo India makes some of the best security guard shoes in India. Our shoes will provide you with better grip. This will be very beneficial in case you would be patrolling the zones where you might have to walk on tile floors and other places with slippery floorboards. Our shoes built with rubber soles will help you in keeping your foothold with steady balance while you do your job.

Industrial safety shoes

Minzo India is one of the leading industrial safety shoemakers. The industrial safety shoes of Monzo have been designed to fit appropriately, with stylish appearance, and deliver the top quality performance for the buyer. Here at Minzo, our team of professional shoemakers are fully dedicated towards bringing in the innovation and work constantly on improving those innovations with new-fangled ideas and materials. Our industrial safety shoes have been designed in such a way and with such material, that will protect your from electric shocks, tripping, slipping on oils or harmful chemicals, sprains, damages, and many more.